There is no doubt that George R.R. Martin is one of the busiest personalities to date. Besides the fact that he is helping with the Game of Thrones” script, the author is also committed to finishing the most sought-after “The Winds Of Winter”. Not just that, he is also currently into doing the “Wild Cards” series, a project started by Martin even before “A Song of Ice and Fire” came out. With that, fans would want the author’s assurance regarding the release date of TWoW. Would it be possible this year? Why are the updates regarding the novel so minimal?

“WildCard” Vs. “Game of Thrones”: What is Martin’s priority?

In one of the posts released by Martin regarding the “Wild Card” series, a “Game of Thrones” fan began accusing the author of using the popularity of the hit novel to promote his good old “Wild Cards”. The avid reader then admitted that he will never care about the series and that people are not interested in it. He then proceeded with his statement and confirmed that almost all the readers of George R.R. Martin’s blog were disappointed that there are still no updates regarding “The Winds Of Winter. From there, he tagged the writer’s action and behavior as annoying.

Martin responds to demanding fans

George R.R. Martin then fires back and admitted that some of his statements were true and some are really an exaggeration.

The latter revealed that “A Song of Ice and Fire” has many followers but “Wild Cards” also has its own devotees. As he stated:

"Wild Cards is pretty popular as well, elsewise it would not have lasted for thirty years and twenty-three volumes (with four more in the pipeline),"

“The Winds of Winter” weekly update is not possible

Moreover, the author explained that he is posting more information regarding “Wild Cards” because there is more update with regards to the said series than his other work commitments.

Martin then confirmed that he can’t keep up with fans’ request with the weekly updates regarding “The Winds of Winter” as it is not his style before.

Also, the writer told everyone that he couldn’t discount some of his projects this year just because “A Song of Ice and Fire” is way more popular than the others. Other than that, he assured fans that he is still working on the “Winds of Winter” but specific details about it would not be disclosed yet.

Meanwhile, Hall of Fame Magazine admitted that “Winds of Winter” might be canceled if Martin would face death real soon. The said author wouldn’t want anyone to write for him as he is really concerned with the novel’s quality. However, Martin is hopeful that he would live for another thirty years to write more books in the future.