"Married at First Sight" has passed its halfway mark. All three couples are having issues. Anthony and Ashley are working through Ashley's desire to start a family. She admitted to Anthony that she signed up for the show so she could have a baby. Nate and Sheila are having a problem with Nate's mother who still does not approve of their marriage. Cody and Danielle have a different problem. After over five weeks, they still have not consummated their marriage.

Cody and Danielle

Cody and Danielle are going through the motions of being married with one exception.

While the other two couples have consummated their marriage, Cody and Danielle have not. Danielle claims she can't get free from the past with her ex-boyfriends.

Danielle just turned 31, and Cody is 26. Viewers are wondering why the experts put them together with the age difference. However, Sheila is 30 and Nate is 26, but Nate acts more mature than Cody.

It is ironic that Cody's 24-year-old brother signed up for "Married At First Sight." He was not selected, but he is benefitting more from the reality show than Cody. That's because the brother is dating Danielle's best friend. Cody says he is jealous of his brother because he knows his brother is having sex without being married while Cody has been married for over five weeks and has not been intimate with his wife.

Revisiting the past

The assignment on last week's episode was for the couples to revisit a place in their past. The other two couples went to their spouse's hometown which was coincidentally in Michigan. Cody and Danielle's visit was quite different. First of all, it was Danielle's past that was visited, and it did not include being with people.

The couple chose to visit a park that was a favorite spot for Danielle and her ex-boyfriend. Marriage counselor, Pastor Calvin Roberson, agreed with the plan so that Danielle could make peace with her past.

Later, Danielle wrote a letter to her past and then burned it. That was to symbolize getting rid of the past to make way for a new beginning.

As the episode came to an end, viewers saw Danielle greeting Cody with a drink and a kiss when he came home. Blankets were spread on the floor in front of the fireplace. Danielle said she had one more surprise for Cody. Viewers could not see what the surprise was. It seems like Danielle was setting up a romantic evening for her husband.

Watch the new episode of "Married at First Sight" next Thursday night on Lifetime to see if Cody and Danielle will finally consummate their marriage.