Danielle Bregoli is now known as the "Cash Me Outside" girl after her time on "Dr. Phil." She was on there once and caused a scene and then Dr. Phil brought her back again, but this time without an audience. It turns out that danielle now has big plans to make money by doing her own reality show. She actually talked to Hollywood Life about her reality show and gave them details of what they have figured out so far.

What did Danielle reveal about her new show?

Danielle Bregoli is only 14-years-old, but after yelling out "Cash Me Outside" on "Dr. Phil" she is now famous and getting rich as well. She actually already has plans for the show and shared the details saying, "We’ve been meeting with a bunch of networks.

Everyone has a different idea of what the show should be about, so we’re just taking our time to figure out where the show will fit best. Also doing other stuff that we want to finish so they can be worked into the show." This show would actually fit on several different networks, but you know that she is going to try and get the best deal. She didn't say who "we" is, but you can assume that her mom is involved in the big decision making.

It doesn't sound like she has started filming her show or even has nailed down what it will be just yet. The fans would love to see an inside look on her crazy life, but that could also be a recipe for disaster. Danielle could end up doing a totally different kind of show if an idea comes up that she likes.

After the way she acted on "Dr. Phil" and her screaming out "Cash me outside" a reality show about her life is probably what everyone wants to see the most.

What is she doing now?

Danielle Bregoli is already bringing in big money from her tour that she has planned. She will get paid around $50K per appearance and reports are that she is already making seven figures.

You could never imagine that this appearance on "Dr. Phil" would change her life in that big of a way, but it did. She already bought herself a Porsche Panamera 4s Hybrid, but she can't even drive it yet. She won't be able to drive it for two more years, but it sounds like she wanted to be prepared while she has the money to do it. Maybe she will let her mom drive it around for now.

Would you watch a reality show with Danielle Bregoli from "Dr. Phil"? Do you think she deserves to get her own show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Hopefully, Danielle will share the news soon about what her reality show will be and where you will be able to watch it.

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