On Tuesday, a video of the now-infamous "cash me outside" girl Danielle Bregoli getting straddled and beat up by her mother Barbara Ann Peskowitz went viral after World Star Hip Hop posted it. The cell phone video showed Barbara Ann grab Danielle by the hair and wrestle her to the ground. Then she straddled the 13-year old girl as she struggled to get loose while both of them were yelling at each other.

The viral video of Barbara Ann hitting Danielle Bregoli is shocking

The video is rather disturbing and may even give those paying attention to the sudden rise of Danielle Bregoli some insight as to why the girl has issues with authority and an incredibly defiant attitude.

Danielle first became a public figure when she made an appearance on the "Dr. Phil Show" last October. During that episode. the 13-year old troubled teen reacted to the studio audience who couldn't believe her horrible attitude.

That's when her famous line, "Catch me outside, how bow dah?" became an everyday phrase. For those who haven't been paying attention, Bregoli was challenging the entire studio audience to a fight, all they had to do was go outside with her. The scary thing is that she probably meant it and so far, we haven't seen Danielle Bregoli back down from a fight.

Danielle sticks up for her mom, claims they were playing

Now that the video of Barbara Ann attacking Danielle Bregoli has gone viral, a lot of people have blasted the mother for her poor parenting skills.

That has Danielle sticking up for Barbara Ann and now the "Cash me outside" girl is claiming that she and her mother weren't really fighting. Instead, she claims that the disturbing footage, which some have claimed might be three years old, is actually the pair "play fighting." Who calls their daughter a "b***h" when play fighting?

That doesn't even sound believable but okay.

In her explanation for the video, Danielle Bregoli claims that her "ex-best friend" was recording the whole thing. She said that she hit her mom a little too hard and that's why we see her mom, Barbara Ann, cursing at her as she pummels the tiny girl to the floor.

Do you think Danielle Bregoli and Barbara Ann were play fighting or was it the real deal? Should she be removed from her mother's care in hopes that Danielle will get back in school and back on track? Sound off in the comments section below.