On "General Hospital," mobster Julian Jerome could possibly lose custody of his young son Leo. When he was incarcerated and looking at a long prison sentence he was open to the child's mother Oliva raising him with her fiance Ned. Julian is presently out of jail on furlough while his sister Ava recuperates from her injuries. He is now reconsidering his decision, but Oliva is desperate to keep him away from his little boy.

Julian's troubled past comes back to bite him

Julian has continually tried to get out of the mob for years. Unfortunately, each time, something always pulls him right back in. Most recently it was his older sister Olivia Jerome.

When his family found out that he kept her presence a secret and endangered all of their lives, everyone cut ties with Julian. Now that he may have a shot at freedom, Julain wants to reclaim Leo.

Julian has made progress because he has a truce with his estranged wife Alexis. Recently, she even allowed him to hold his granddaughter Scout. Now, the mobster is demanding time with their son. This past week, Oliva was so desperate she practically begged Julian to give up all rights to Leo. She accused him of being a liar because he never got out of the mob, and wants him to allow Ned to officially adopt the boy.

Alexis comes to Mr. Jerome's rescue

Alexis is conflicted where her spouse is concerned. She does, however, tend to have his back in times of trouble.

On Friday, as Oliva was pleading with Julian to walk away from the child they share, Alexis shows up. She is in full lawyer mode as she proclaims that Julian has every right to spend time with his son. Both Julian and Oliva look perplexed because, like the viewers, neither of them saw this coming.

Now that Alexis has inserted herself into the situation there most certainly will be a custody battle.

The question is, who will win? Will it be the power, money, and prestige of Ned Quartermaine or the legal prowess of Alexis Davis? Olivia should calm down long enough to consider joint custody of Leo with his dad. Remember how she kept Dante from Sonny for so many years? It's more than likely that fear will send her into a court battle for Leo to legally be a Quartermaine.

Julian Jerome's checkered past certainly will be a factor but is it enough to have him removed from his son's life forever? If the court battle gets nasty Alexis might bring up the fact that for a while, Oliva did not know if Leo's father was Julian or Ned. When she found out she tried to pass the boy off as Ned's son. It may look like Ms. Falconeri has the deck stacked in her favor but you never know what Alexis and Julian may come up with. Julian and Oliva have been in this situation before. Viewers never know how it will all turn out.

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