On "The Young and the Restless" there are four individuals with their own personal agenda regarding the Sexual Harassment lawsuit that has been filed against Brash and Sassy. Every one of them wants a specific outcome based on part of the story. There is only one individual that knows the whole truth.

Juliet and Cane have different versions of what took place

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" know that Cane and Juliet drank too much Sake in Tokyo. The next morning when Cane woke up they were in the same bed. Back in Genoa City, Cane found a negligee in his briefcase.

When he questioned her, Juliet said the lingerie was hers and that she and Cane had sex on the night in question. Cane has no memory and the incident was not shown on-screen. This has many viewers believing that Juliet set Cane up. After all, if it was true, why can't Cane remember, and why would she need to hide her gown in his briefcase?

Hillary and Leslie weigh in for their own reasons

Hillary overheard Cane and Juliet talking about their one-night stand, and later found an opportunity to use it to her advantage. When Juliet said she was fired from Brash and Sassy, Hillary suggested she file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane. Hillary spun a tale of Cane being Juliet's superior and taking advantage of her.

She even suggested that Juliet say that Cane promised her a job in exchange for sex. Juliet fell for this manipulation and Hillary suggested she use Leslie as her lawyer.

Cane did not trade a job for sex and is not even sure if anything really happened between him and Juliet. She is lying and he is withholding information from his boss, his lawyer, and most importantly, his wife.

Hillary wants to get even with Cane's wife Lilly and Leslie just wants to win. There is only one person who knows the entire truth and that is Juliet.

The outcome of all the misinformation

On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" a desperate Cane goes to Juliet and tries to convince her to drop the lawsuit. Cane is concerned about what a scandal will do to his wife and children.

He goes home and tells his wife that all is well and Juliet agreed to drop the suit. Unknown to Cane, when Juliet informed Leslie, her lawyer came right over and accused Cane of manipulating her client. She tells Juliet they will move forward with the case but Juliet looks uncertain.

No matter what the outcome of this situation is, there will be people who are hurt. Even if it turns out that Cane did not sleep with Juliet, he withheld her accusations from his wife, lawyer, and employer -- each of whom asked him for the entire truth. If Juliet wins, Brass and Sassy will have bad publicity and be out of a lot of money. If Juliet loses, Hillary will make sure that Cane's wife Lilly knows about what allegedly happened in Tokyo. There will be no winners in this situation.