It's no secret that Donald Trump and many celebrities don't see eye to eye, which has become evident across social media. While Trump blocked Stephen King earlier this week, it doesn't appear as if the author is gonna back down.

King on Trump

It was just two years ago when Donald Trump decided to stand on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City and announced that he would be running for president. By the end of his speech, he was quickly on the wrong side of the media and many liberal celebrities who pushed back against his remarks labeling illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." As the 2016 presidential election moved forward, the former host of "The Apprentice" continued his war of words with his celebrity critics, most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Saturday Night Live," including Alec Baldwin who took on the role of the president during the sketch comedy show.

However, while Trump has continued to use social media and Twitter since being sworn into office last January, he's limited his outrage over those in Hollywood. Despite this, Trump has found other ways to shut-out those Hollywood stars, including blocking them on social media. Earlier this week, legendary horror author Stephen King announced that he had been blocked on Twitter by the president, most likely due to his increased criticism. As seen on his Twitter account on June 15, King is not holding back his views on the commander in chief.

Even after being blocked by Donald Trump, Stephen King has decided the he won't be slowing down his trolling of the commander in chief anytime soon.

"Have others received a notification of being blocked from Trump's tweets, or is it a hoax?" King tweeted, before adding, "It's not as if his tweets are hard to find!"


Condemned to an existential wasteland of Trumplessness!" Stephen King continued in another social media post. Not stopping there, the author of classic novels like "The Shinning" and "Pet Sematary" went forward with his mockery of the president.

"Blocked by Donald Trump, but still I persist," Stephen King noted.

In his final tweet as of press time, King wrote, "Trump as president is like an impulsive, hot-headed 15-year-old with an 18-wheeler trucker's license."

Moving forward

While Stephen King and other high-profiled critics continue to troll the president, Donald Trump has more important issues to worry about. On Wednesday night, the Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller, the former FBI director and current special counsel to the Russian investigation, has started an investigation into the president for possible obstruction of justice. As of press time, the president has denied any wrongdoing.