The 27-year old award-winning singer, Taylor Swift, has now finally decided to let bygones be bygones and has released all of her songs to all streaming services. The singer’s representatives have confirmed that Swift’s entire catalog of songs will now be available on other music streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, and Pandora.

Change of heart

The “Bad Blood” singer previously pulled out her then latest album, “1989,” from Spotify in October 2014. A month later, the singer decided to pull out the rest of her work from all streaming services.

The pop icon previously explained that her decision was due to how the services were taking advantage of artists and that they weren’t fairly compensating them for their work.

Swift was quite vocal about her stance in regards to proper compensation for artists during that time. The singer also believed that the Spotify and other streaming services were not going to last as they were mere “startups with no cash flow.” Fast forward to today, and it seems like Spotify and other music streaming services are here to stay.

Apple Exclusive

Ever since Swift pulled out her songs from all music streaming services, fans were only able to stream her music from Apple. Swift allowed Apple access to her music after the company decided to revise its revenue sharing policy to compensate artists during its three-month trial period.

The company partly decided on the revision due to an open letter that Swift had published in 2015. Swift has since appeared in several Apple product commercials and her album was placed front and center when Apple Music was launched. The company even sponsored her “1989” tour concert movie.

Impeccable timing

According to Swift’s manager, they apparently decided to release all of her music to other streaming services in order to celebrate her “1989” album officially reaching 10 million copies sold.

The decision was reportedly a gift for all of Swift’s fans who have never stopped supporting her.

Despite the explanation as to why Swift suddenly released her songs to other services, some fans believe that a part of the reason may have something to do with the singer’s on-going rivalry with Katy Perry. Fans pointed out that it was very suspicious that Swift had decided to put all of her music back on streaming services on the same night that Perry was scheduled to release her new album, “Witness.”