Josh Murray has no interest in reviving his relationship with Amanda Stanton. One year after they met on "Bachelor in Paradise," Amanda is back in Mexico looking for love with someone new. And Josh doesn't seem to care that the woman he proposed to last summer may end up engaged again during the new season of ABC's summer reality series.

Amanda, who failed to find love with "Bachelor" Ben Higgins, was one of three ladies who got engaged on last season of "Bachelor in Paradise." Just a few months after they moved in together, Amanda and Josh announced that they ended their engagement, something that had been in the rumor mill for weeks before they made it official.

Amanda is looking for a new love

Now that Amanda is filming the current season of "Paradise," Josh is making it clear that he has zero interest in rekindling their relationship. Instead, he hopes she moves on and finds someone else.

And with more than a dozen guys to choose from, there's no doubt Amanda will have a good shot of finding a new man. And Josh? He hopes she moves on.

Josh, 32, tells People, "I am definitely not trying to get back together with Amanda. We are done. That ship has sailed a long time ago."

Murray admits that he has communicated with Amanda over the past few months since their breakup, but it's been difficult to deal with. But despite their differences, he says wishes her well during her time on "Bachelor in Paradise."

"At the end of the day, I wish her the best," Murray tells People.

"I know she's going to be going on Bachelor in Paradise for the third time, so hopefully she can try again and find something."

No 'Paradise' for Josh?

Murray, who was engaged to "Bachelorette" star Andi Dorfman before he met Amanda in "Paradise" says he's single and hasn't dated since he split with Amanda in December.

In addition to Amanda, at least one of his cast-mates (Vinny) from the last season of "Bachelor in Paradise" is heading back for round two.

But Josh says that he's going to try dating without cameras rolling.

However, he didn't say he would rule out dating on TV completely. Josh tells People that he's going to try dating via a mobile app first and he doesn't see himself going back on television, "but who knows what's going to happen."

Do you think producers might pull a fast one and have Josh show up in "Paradise" later in the season to face Amanda?

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