"Big Brother 19" is just one week away. Fans are getting excited to see how this season will play out. After weeks of rumors and speculations regarding the cast, it was announced that the entire "Big Brother 19" cast will be new players. This has been something fans have asked for over and over again, with many of the previous seasons having returning players. The cast looks diverse and already there are favorites being chosen and guesses being made about who will leave the house first.

The 'Big Brother 19' twist revealed

For a while now, CBS has mentioned that "Big Brother 19" would be the summer of temptation and now we know why.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, there will be a room in the house that is going to be filled with temptation. Apparently, there will be apples all over (would it be anything else?) and while it is unclear what they will be used for it looks like it will be a lot of fun. It is expected to be introduced to fans on the first Sunday episode which likely means the fans who buy the "Big Brother" feeds will know more about it on Thursday or Friday of next week.

With all new cast members and a new twist, the hype for "Big Brother 19" has taken social media by storm. Twitter has plenty of chatter about the houseguests and even former players are weighing in with their predictions. There will be people who come in immediately looking for an alliance and showmance and others who will sit back and enjoy the ride.

Prizes speculated

There are also some other predictions "Big Brother" fans are talking about. The HOH (Head of Household) room had several safe deposit boxes in it. Talk has started about what they will be used for and how the keys to open them will be won. Could this be tied into the temptation room? With the premiere date growing closer, more and more information about the game is being leaked.

Will this season of "Big Brother" bring plenty of prizes?

All of the houseguests are sequestered now, but fans are checking out their social media. So far, there has not been anything interesting revealed but once the season begins, controversy usually follows. There is so much that could happen over the three-month sequester.

Each season bring new surprises and while there will be plenty of "Big Brother 19" focus, there is likely to be references to older seasons and former houseguests as well.

The 19th season of "Big Brother" begins June 28th. There will only be a one-hour episode and the schedule will remain Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday throughout the season.