This season on "Big Brother 19" there is a new contestant named Raven Walton. This show is known for twists, and one of the first ones came last night when Paul Abrahamian was brought back into the house to play the show once again. Paul was there waiting to see if someone was greedy and took $25,000 and they did, which meant he was coming back into the house. He was able to save eight people by giving them a friendship bracelet and Raven was one person who he saved. Fans didn't think much about it until a picture of the two before the show came out.

Picture of Paul and Raven revealed

You can see the picture of Paul and Raven together below.

This was posted on her Instagram page back in March. That means she was with Paul about two months ago, but nobody knows if this was a one-time meeting or if they actually know each other.

Along with the picture, she put the caption "I hope you enjoyed Arkansassy @deadskull! I enjoyed our conversation. #friendship P.S Safe travels through the south " This could mean that Paul was out traveling and she just met him as a fan. Most people who are on "Big Brother 19" already love the show and could also be fans of past contestants. The odd thing is that she hashtagged the picture friendship. That makes it seem like they are more than just someone who casually met each other.

Twist speculation for this season

Now the fans are speculating that the fact that they know each other could be some kind of twist for this season.

They have done several twists in the past like bringing in twins, people who know each other and people that are related. Now everyone is curious if Raven and Paul might happen to know each other. This would be a great twist, but the fans are going to have to wait to find out. Remember on "Big Brother" to always expect the unexpected so you never know.

They have already said that this would be the summer of temptation, but you never know what that is going to mean. They could even decide to tempt them a loved one or a friend in some way, which would go along with the speculation that they know each other.

Are you shocked to see Raven Walton with Paul Abrahamian before the show started filming? What do you think is going on here?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Big Brother 19" on CBS. There will be another new episode tonight on CBS. The live feeds and "Big Brother After Dark" will both be airing after the show is over tonight.

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