According to TMZ on Wednesday, June 28, ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" has some new rules following the recent scandal with Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson at the center. Even though the producers found no misconduct after an investigation, neither one of them returned. It was reported that Jackson was invited back but refused. He said it was in his best interest not to return. Olympios was reportedly banned for life from participating in the "Bachelor" franchise.

When the cast members arrived in Mexico, they had to sit through a meeting that lasted two hours with lawyers and producers. This was in light of what happened before they were sent home when producers thought there had been some misconduct on the set.

New rules

The producers have implemented some strict rules even though an investigation showed there was no misconduct after all. TMZ reported that those who returned received an email in advance letting them know about the new procedures. As soon as they arrived, their bags had to be checked for any drugs, whether over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs. Prescribed drugs had to be turned over to the nurse, and the nurse would dispense medication when needed during the entire time the show is being filmed.

Drinking rules

New drinking rules have been established. Contestants are allowed to have no more than two drinks each hour. Bartenders have been instructed to keep tabs on how much everybody is drinking. Food is provided along with the drinks to absorb the alcohol to keep the cast members from becoming too drunk to know what they are doing.

Rule about sex

Sex is permitted, but to make sure it is consensual, a producer needs to know about the plan in advance. There is to be no more spontaneous sex any place on the premise. If people are discovered having sex without a producer's prior knowledge and permission, the act will be stopped immediately no matter how embarrassing it could be.

Reactions to the rules

The new rules seem to be accepted by season 4 cast members, but viewers think the rules will cause contestants to be boring instead of wild like they used to be.

In spite of the postponement and the investigation, "Bachelor in Paradise" is still set to air on ABC as previously scheduled on August 8. It will be interesting to see if ratings will go up or down because of the new rules that have been implemented.

Watch the reality show when it airs later this summer.

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