Bernice Burgos has reportedly been sending Chris Brown sexy video messages through Instagram, hinting at the supposed fact that she wants to hook up with the singer.

News of Bernice reaching out to Chris comes just weeks after the Fashion Nova model allegedly ended her relationship with T.I., following the news that the rapper was still sharing a romantic relationship with his estranged wife, Tiny Harris.

It’s believed that T.I. and Bernice Burgos ended their romance on bad terms, and while she could potentially be using Chris to get back at her ex-boyfriend, it goes without saying that Burgos is definitely attracted to Brown and would want to see where a relationship with him could take her.

Hollywood Life reveals that Bernice Burgos has been sending the R&B singer plenty of photos and videos on his direct messaging box — she’s overloading his inbox with suggestive pictures that are bound to have Brown wanting for more.

Cheating ruined the marriage

If they end up becoming a couple, fans certainly shouldn’t be surprised because it’s not like Bernice Burgos has had a hard time having singers and rappers in awe over her dangerous curves, with the likes of Rick Ross and Meek Mill often liking her photos on social media.

While getting with Brown would be the ultimate revenge plan on T.I., who is close friends with the 28-year-old, Bernice Burgos wants to move on to a new man, and she can’t seem to imagine herself being with anybody else but Chris at this given point.

“Bernice has been secretly flirting with Chris for a while. At first, it was just cute messages here and there, but now that she’s mad at T.I., she’s taken it up a notch. Bernice started hearing rumors that T.I. was still sleeping with Tiny some nights, sharing a bed.”

Bernice Burgos quickly got the impression that T.I. was not going to distance himself from Tiny, who he still shared a close relationship with, despite the fact that Harris had filed for divorce from the rapper back in December.

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Chris Brown entertaining Bernice Burgos potential romance

She realized that T.I. Could potentially be getting back with Tiny, so instead of wasting her time being considered nothing more than a side chick, Bernice Burgos, and T.I. called it quits, and within weeks, she’s already found herself messaging back and forth with another musician.

Chris hasn’t mentioned anything regarding his supposed relationship with Bernice Burgos — sources say they are simply talking at this point, but from the messages that Bernice has sent him, it’s evidently clear she is hoping that she’s the next in line to become Brown’s girlfriend, which would obviously leave T.I. outraged.