It wasn't long ago that Tiny Harris took to social media to confront rumors that her estranged husband T.I. Harris has been messing around with a woman named Bernice Burgos. Tiny dropped some not-so-subtle shade on T.I.'s alleged side chick, calling her a "pass around b***h." This isn't the first time there have been rumors about T.I. and his alleged bad behavior. The only real difference is that this time, Tiny and T.I. are actually separated and the other woman isn't staying quiet as the scandal rolls on.

Bernice Burgos claps back at Tiny Harris and a few fans

Tiny Harris has a pretty decent fan base and most of them want to see T.I. and Tiny make it through their marriage crisis intact. So when one fan called out Bernice Burgos for being a homewrecker, she didn't hestitate to clap back at the outspoken fan to put her in her place.

In the comments section, in response to a follower calling her a homewrecker, Burgos snapped. She explained that she has never been a homewrecker and that she also doesn't date married men. Apparently, Burgos has taken the stance that since a divorce has been filed, T.I. is free to do whatever he wants and apparently part of what he wants is to spend time with her.

Fans want to see T.I. and Tiny reconcile

Fans have been going hard to try and talk T.I. and Tiny into reconciling. Recently, a fan took to Instagram to comment on one of the Harris family's pictures, saying, "I'm happy to see the family together TIP please don't give up on the love for your wife. Make it work guys."

T.I. wasn't having that and he very politely responded on Instagram, telling the fan to "please mind ya business, love."

It's sad to see that T.I.

and Tiny really are headed for divorce and that T.I. has already moved on with another woman. On the other hand, watching Bernice Burgos spar online with Tiny Harris has been rather entertaining. T.I. has been rumored to have cheated on Tiny several times over the years. There were also rumors that TinyHarris let him get around, having resigned herself to the idea that T.I. would always have a wandering eye. Whatever the rumors may be, let's just hope both T.I. and Tiny can move on and happily parent