In the final episode of the VH1 hit series "The Family Hustle," rapper T.I. and wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris decide to end their seven-year marriage. The couple has had their share of issues over the last couple of years, but everything was brought to the light on the final season of "The Family Hustle." The former couple has three children together and has vowed to maintain a healthy relationship in order to raise their children the best way possible.

Why the two split?

T.I. and Tiny have had a long on and off relationship that began in the year of 2001.

However, when the 36-year-old rapper served a two-year jail sentence for a weapons charge back in 2008, he wasted no time tying the knot with the woman who stuck by his side through thick and thin. So what caused the couple to reach their downfall?

Tiny has seemingly dealt with a good deal of infidelity during her sixteen-year relationship with the rapper who calls himself "The King," T.I.

On the flip side, Tiny has been involved in an alleged fling with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. The accusations have even led to physical altercations between Floyd and T.I. in the past and ultimately put the rapper at extreme odds with his soon-to-be ex-wife Tiny.

On the final episode of "The Family Hustle," the two sides spoke about their infidelity issues for the first time.

Tiny was seemingly furious and accused her future ex-husband of cheating with someone she was close to. T.I. also fires back by expressing his displeasure of Tiny hanging out with a guy that he is at odds with.

Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos is supposedly the woman that T.I. has had a fling with. That ultimately pushed Tiny to the point of Divorce.

Burgos is a very attractive video vixen who has starred in many of hip-hop's biggest artists music videos. Her relationship with T.I. was put on display when the two showed up to a Super Bowl event this year together.

Last month on the "Wendy Williams Show," Tiny spoke on the matter, saying, "somebody made a comment about her on my page.

I said what I said. She replied, "That's cool."

Aside from that encounter, Tiny claims Burgos kept the shots coming in different ways that she was not too pleased with.

End of 'The Family Hustle'

T.I. and Tiny began the VH1 series "The Family Hustle" around the same time they got married. Since then, the show has grown to be one of the fan favorites on the jam-packed VH1 lineup. Although T.I. and Tiny have seemingly grown apart, their children have grown up in front of the show's fans. The former couple did end the show on positive terms and agreed to continue to raise their kids in harmony.