"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 has officially halted filming. Filming has been suspended and the cast has been flown out of Mexico. ABC didn't announce many details about suspending the show, but they did reveal that it had to do with some "misconduct" allegations. Reality Steve, a well-known Bachelor nation spoiler, and blogger revealed that production had been stopped on Sunday and that the cast was flown out of Mexico to Houston.

Sources are telling Reality Steve that the "Bachelor in Paradise" situation "isn't good" and that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are the contestants who are allegedly behind the misconduct allegations.

Steve says that the "details are still sketchy, but this is not a good situation." Steve isn't diving into everything he's hearing just yet, but he did tweet out that he believes the show has officially been canceled and that ABC has sent all of the contestants home. "Drinking, sex, cameras, etc. You get the picture," the blogger wrote via social media.

"Paradise" canceled after serious allegations halt production?

Reality Steve went on to say that "Bachelor in Paradise" fans are likely "thinking the worst," but he doesn't think that is the case, at least from what his sources are telling him. However, while no one was hurt, production has been stopped and the show is canceled. There is also an investigation going on.

Meanwhile, Amy Kaufman, a writer for the LA Times says her sources are telling her that on the first day of production DeMario and Corinne got very drunk. Corinne made the first move by kissing DeMario at the bar and then the two headed off to the pool, where things got heated. The two allegedly stripped off their clothes and things got hot and heavy.

The writer says the two did not engage in intercourse, but it was "raunchy."

Producer filed a lawsuit over what they allegedly saw

The day after the hook-up, a producer who reportedly witnessed Corinne and DeMario's "Bachelor in Paradise" hook-up didn't show up for work. Sources say that the producer went on to sue production for misconduct over what she witnessed between Corinne and DeMario.

Both Olympios and Jackson were reportedly shown footage of their hook-up during interviews in the days that followed, and an investigation is currently taking place.

There is no official word on what the misconduct may have been that the producer allegedly witnessed, but things are not looking good for production. More than likely this scandal will cost ABC the entire season of "Bachelor in Paradise," and fans will miss out on one of the hottest summer reality shows. It seems safe to say that a lot more details will be coming out in the days that follow.