"America's Got Talent" is shocked after learning the news that one of its standout contestants died in a car Accident. Dr. Brandon Rogers was involved in a tragic car crash and passed away last weekend. His episode on the reality TV series is supposed to be aired this July after one of the producers discovered his talent.

Dr. Roger was first seen posting a video on his Instagram account covering Boyz II Men's "Bended Knee." It was in April when he shared a video of himself and later gained praises among his social media followers. Apparently, the "America's Got Talent" production simply couldn't believe what happened to him.

Young doctor and singer

Dr. Roger, a young doctor and a talented singer, is supposed to be featured in one of the upcoming episodes of "America's Got Talent." One of the show's producers had invited him to audition after spotting him performed online. Unfortunately, the supposed to be "rising star" has faced an unfortunate death.

According to the Daily Mail report, he was sitting in the front passenger seat when the accident happened. It was on Saturday, around 4:30 a.m., when the horror crash happened. Right then on, the Maryland State Troopers responded to the accident scene. Further, reports revealed that the car had crashed into a tree which caused his death.

Right now, police officers are conducting their investigation.

It is learned that neither drugs nor alcohol is involved in the said incident. Meanwhile, other passengers who were wounded were immediately brought to the hospital.

Sudden death

Everyone was shocked after learning the sudden death of Dr. Roger. In fact, the Boyz II Men took to Instagram and shared their condolences for what happened to the aspiring singer.

Dr. Rogers, 29, is believed to be creating a name in his singing career before this tragic accident took his life.

Meanwhile, Boyz II Men has shared how a nice person Dr. Roger was during their last performance in Las Vegas. Although he has gone too young and too soon, yet, he will always be remembered for his talent and of being kind.

The popular band continued their post as they shared their sympathy to the family and friends of Dr. Roger in this difficult time.

Further, it was also in May when he shared in social media how excited he was as he joined "America's Got Talent" auditions. Amid his sudden death, Dr. Roger will be well-remembered as a young and talented doctor and singer.