As "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 nears the end of its chapter, the liars are finding themselves drowning in A's multitude of lies and evil schemes. The tumultuous lives of each Liar seem to be more intertwined than ever, and the fans are hanging on to a thin string of hope that the series will end with a happy ending.

In the latest aired episode of "PLL" season 7 entitled "Choose Or Loose," the Rosewood girls find themselves in another sticky situation involving the police. The episode started off with the police barging in on Alison and Emily as they were about to go to bed. The authorities launched a search warrant around the house unexpectedly.

After Alison and Emily's house, the police proceed to search each of the liars' house and even took their phones in custody. The situation prompted Spencer to barge in the police station and looks for Furey in an attempt to get the police on their side. However, instead of Furey, Spencer found Det in his place and things go pretty bleak from there.

Tanner's threat - I'm a closer

At the police station, Spencer and Tanner have a heated discussion as the latter tries to convince the youngest Hastings to spill the beans. On a neutral note, it's still not established if Tanner is on A's side or simply trying to help the girls outs, but for Spencer, everyone is a suspect and Tanner is not someone who she thinks can easily be trusted.

Spencer and Tanner's discussion end up with the latter declaring that he's a closer - which most probably means that he wants to make it clear to Spencer that even though no information was divulged that night, he will get to the bottom of the case one way or another.

No cell phone, no problem

As mentioned earlier, the cops confiscate the phones of the liars. In a coffee shop, Ezra is seen arguing with the police, demanding for an official list of what they can and cannot confiscate. Eventually, the police win and they end up taking the phones of Ezra and Aria.

However, a phone begins ringing and the two are confused since they already have their phones with the police.

It turns out that A has planted a phone inside a vent, and that seemed to push Aria to her limits. She tells A that she wants to meet face to face and that she has done everything A asked her to do.

A hesitates at first but eventually agrees to meet Aria as long as the latter wears The Uniform. In a twisted arrangement of scenes, the episode shows Mona hanging up a phone after the scene with Aria talking to A about wanting to meet.

Is Mona part of A's army all over again? Catch the next episode of "Pretty Little Liars" season 7 on June 20, 2017.

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