More than the talent, Simon Cowell and the people inside the "America's Got Talent" stadium were impressed by a contestant's pursuit of happiness by doing what she truly loves -- singing. On the June 6 episode of the singing competition, the four judges witnessed a couple of performances which will surely have a place in their hearts.

'I want to do more of my life than just give up'

Mandy Harvey, a 29-year-old singer-songwriter, lost her hearing when she was 18 years old due to connective tissue disease which primarily targets tissues that connect, support or separate different types of tissues.

The female contestant said she started singing when she was four but had to re-learn everything when she lost her sense of hearing.

When asked how she managed to go back to singing despite her impairment, Harvey explained she figured out "muscle memory, using visual tuners, and trusting [her] pitch" can help her pursue music. In fact, the "America's Got Talent" auditionee took off her shoes to feel the tempo while performing her own composition, titled "Try."

"After I lost my hearing, I gave up," Harvey admitted. "But I want to do more of my life than just give up."

Singing with her ukelele, the female contestant moved the audience who gave her a standing ovation, along with the four judges. Without further ado, Cowell immediately pressed the golden buzzer that will send Harvey to the live shows.

The "America's Got Talent" judge even approached the singer-songwriter to give her a hug and told the contestant that her performance was "one of the most amazing things [he has] seen" on the show.

'You're tiny, your voice is huge'

Another contestant has left a good impression to the four judges with her own rendition of "Rise Up." Angelica Hale is a nine-year-old auditionee who dreams to follow the footsteps of Whitney Houston.

The young contest enthusiastically said she "awestruck" to be on "America's Got Talent" after following the show on YouTube.

Despite her age, Angelica did not fail to impress the judges and the crowd for her emotional performance of the Andra Day hit. Cowell was particularly amazed by how the little one belted out the 2015 track.

As expected, all four judges gave their "yes" and thought the young contestant is a superstar in the making.

Behind her bubbly personality, Angelica's father revealed they almost lost their daughter due to double pneumonia which caused her kidneys to stop working. Regardless of what happened, Angelica is now paving her way to be the next Whitney Houston of "America's Got Talent."