Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have been the talk of the "Teen Mom" world for weeks now. They have always been a controversial couple and now, they are wrapped in controversy and a breakup. Rumors of Portwood calling off her October wedding have been circulating for a while. She confirmed that she did, in fact, call off the wedding for the second time. Amber was supposed to marry Baier last October but called the wedding off back then too. While the reason for that has been unclear, her reasoning this time has been very clear.

Why did Amber call off the wedding?

According to Us Weekly, Amber Portwood called off her wedding because of something Matt Baier did back in April. The footage was shown on last week's "Teen Mom OG." It was because Baier handed fellow reality star Catelynn Lowell prescription anxiety medication while they were in California doing press for MTV. When Lowell confided in her friend about what Matt had done, that was the end for Amber. She told the magazine it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Rumors of cheating have surfaced over and over again. In fact, a woman came forward chronicling her relationship with Matt Baier while he was with Amber Portwood. It is still unclear whether or not he had an affair with this woman, but the claims speak for themselves.

Portwood has said that she does not believe he ever cheated on her but confirmed that she has caught him in lies. There is definitely more happening between the two, but their dirty laundry isn't quite ready to be aired yet.

Amber and Matt head to 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Filming another reality television show is probably the last thing Amber Portwood and Matt Baier need, but they are all in on this one.

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It has not been officially confirmed, but all signs point to these two being in California filming for the new season of "marriage boot camp: Reality Stars." Portwood and Baier need more than just a few days of filming to revive their relationship, but she is open to working things out. They are not together right now, but Amber mentioned the ball was in Matt's court.

"Teen Mom OG" fans are torn about what they believe Amber Portwood should do. Matt Baier has been a bad influence in her life according to some and while she has tried hard to get things right with him, it always ends up wrong. The counseling may help the two of them move past their issues but fans aren't going to bet on that. Amber Portwood isn't going to marry him until things change and right now, that could amount to her never walking down the aisle with Matt Baier.