Wubbalubbadubdub! It’s that time again when you come looking for information about the upcoming season of "Rick and Morty", and we being the nice guys do all the work, gather all the information, and put it all neatly together for you, because we can, and because you all deserve it.

This time, we have for you a little bit of the analysis of what news has already been going around for the past few months and a lot about recent developments regarding the release and why we haven’t heard anything clear and solid about the air dates as such, and why Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland seem like they’re having one hell of a time keeping us in the dark.

Most of all, what is causing all this delay when the pilot episode for the third installment of "Rick and Morty" is already out and it’s going to be three months since. The production team seems to have done their job way ahead of time, so are Harmon and Roiland in a misunderstanding? Facts or Myths? Let's find out!


Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has reached out to the audience and fandom of the show about some of the matters that seem to have turned into an uncontrollable wave of unrest and confusion. What seems like an unending and eternal wait of damnation for the new episodes is merely the team working on giving us a magnificent and flawless final product. The show for what it has been, what it is and what it will be, is known for its extensive plots, invasive interdimensional travel yet continual timeline.

This being the case, it needs super extra special care and precise attention to detail in order to mold it into the series like none other in our time and times to come.

About the no go on the information on the date of release, it was said by Dan Harmon himself that it isn’t under his control, or under the control of anybody who is behind the creation and production of "Rick and Morty" to mention anything about the date of the airing of the new episodes.

It is under the sole authority of Adult Swim alone to make that decision. Harmon clarified this by reaching out to his fans and followers on Twitter.


Of all the myths and false rumors that have surfaced over the obvious unrest due to the delay of the show, the dirtiest one has definitely got to be the one about a fight between Harmon and Roiland.

Harmon, again clarified on Twitter that there has not been a fight or any sort or manner in between the co-creators. The two seem to be very into the collective good of the show to even let misunderstandings and differences creep in. He also mentioned that they are both always working towards the happiness and satisfaction of each other as colleagues and friends.

The show’s airing of further episodes speculated as of now will be somewhere around the end of this year, or earlier.