Following the molestation and cheating scandal that he got into two years ago, Josh Duggar is barely seen on his family's social media posts. Now, the disgraced Duggar son looks to be returning to the public as the family celebrates his son's fourth birthday.

Family posted photo of Josh, Anna, and Marcus

The Duggar Family uploaded some photos on their official Instagram and Facebook pages during Marcus' birthday celebration. Of course, seeing a rare picture with Josh and Anna did not go unnoticed. It received a mixed of reactions from fans. Some are glad to see them together while others expressed their disappointment.

"Josh and Anna look happier than I have ever seen them look," one comment said, while another one wrote, "Would rather NOT see Josh's picture. He is a disgrace to the human race."

Josh slowly returning to public

Over a month ago, a photo of Josh and Anna's family also surfaced on the Duggar's social media for Josh's 29th birthday. According to rumors, Michelle and Jim Bob are slowly bringing back their eldest son to the spotlight, which is possibly related to speculations that he will appear in the "19 Kids and Counting" spin-off series, "Counting On" Season 3, per Patheos.

When the molestation and cheating scandal broke out, the Duggar's reality series was canceled. But it was replaced with "Counting On," featuring the adult Duggar sisters.

Now, there are reports that his parents had been trying to convince TLC to allow Josh to appear on the reality series and that the network has finally agreed, per In Touch Weekly. He is supposed to talk only about the joys of parenting and learning that he and Anna are expecting another child.

The speculations about his appearance on "Counting On" have been fueled by the reports that Josh is experiencing financial crisis and is messing up at work as a car dealer.

He reportedly allowed a client to test drive a car without getting his license and the man stole the car and never returned.

Posting updates and photos on their social media could be a strategy for them to gauge how fans would accept Josh again. After all, it's been two years already since the scandal and he had been in a Christian-faith-based rehab center for a couple of months.

Do you want to see Josh again on the Duggar's reality show? Do you think it would help "Counting On"? Share with us your thoughts below.

"Counting On" Season 3 is scheduled to air on June 12 at 9/8 c on TLC.