"General Hospital" fans are going wild on social media after hearing that there is a strong possibility of Steve Burton returning to the ABC soap. On Monday, Jamey Giddens was heard on the Daytime Confidential podcast discussing some major news that is expected to blow things up.

The huge announcement is apparently expected to be out in the coming days. That caused just a little ruckus, but then TV Guide's Michael Logan popped in and told the Twitter world that the big news was Steve Burton.

Let the explosion begin

That, of course, sent "General Hospital" fans into a feeding frenzy on Twitter.

There have been many rumors about him returning to "GH" ever since he left "The Young and the Restless" a few months ago. Now it looks like there is a huge possibility that those rumors are coming true.

However, those viewers could very well be disappointed as he could be heading back to "The Young and the Restless," not "General Hospital." While Steve Burton left his most recent gig to spend more time with his family and to start up his new nutrition company, he may have just decided that he misses acting too much. This whole thing has gotten his fan base quite excited, and those who are not open to him coming back in an uproar as well.

While Jamey Giddens has been teasing everyone with this upcoming announcement, Michael Logan came right out and said it was Steve Burton.

He is a good source, so this is most likely true. This is just a rumor for now until something is officially announced, and it may not have anything to do with going back to "General Hospital" at all.

The tale of two Jasons?

However, if Steve is coming back to his old homestead, that would open up a whole new storyline involving the new Jason and the old Jason.

Sam Morgan could be having these hallucinations for a reason. It could be leading up to her finding out that her husband really didn't come back from the dead after all. The real Jason, aka Steve Burton, could very well show up and cause all sorts of ruckus in Port Charles.

Sam fathered a baby girl with this current Jason and has fallen in love with him.

Billy Miller has played this new and different Jason so well and his fans are not too keen on having Steve Burton back to stir up trouble for his character. Sam is being tormented right now by visions of Sonny telling her that Jason is his, not hers and that she will lose everything, including her kids. That would definitely happen if the real Jason Morgan showed up.

Part of Helena's curse?

The old Jason would probably go back to being Sonny's enforcer and Sam's two kids would have two different daddies. This would certainly be a mess for her but would explain what is wrong with her. Helena Cassadine could have done a number on the new Jason making him think he is Jason.

This would mean that the curse put on Sam by Helena is exploding big time. Of course, the actor could be coming back just for a very short stint and not staying for very long.

Do you want Steve Burton back as Jason Morgan? The big announcement that is expected to shake things up in soap land should be coming soon. Stay tuned!