The graboids are back, and so is Kevin Bacon. The latest reports have revealed that the Syfy network has apparently now ordered a pilot episode for a new Television Series that will revive the highly popular 90s franchise, "tremors." Bacon, who originally starred in the first "Tremors" movie, has been confirmed to reprise his role as Valentine "Val" McKee to fight the deadly giant worms once again.

Revealed plot

According to report from Deadline, the new television series' writer, Andrew Miller, has apparently come up with a great idea to revisit the cult classic property and to bring it to fans who are familiar with the franchise as well as new viewers.

The brand new television series will be featuring an older McKee who now struggles with alcoholism and his fading fame after first discovering and killing the graboids.

The graboids, which were first discovered 25-years ago in the deserts of Perfection, Nevada, are apparently now back and wreaking havoc. Mckee is the town's only hope for survival given his prior experience and the fact that he was able to kill them once before. However, Mckee is now facing his own demons in the form of his addiction and his "delusional hero complex."

Excited for the project

The 58-year old award-winning actor, who starred in the original film alongside Fred Ward more than 27 years ago, mentioned in a recent interview that he was very much excited about the project.

Bacon also admitted that Val was the only character he had played that he was interested in revisiting.

The actor also praised Miller's take on what could have happened to Val after everything that occurred in the original movie. He further explained that the upcoming television series is meant to be funny, but scary, take on the movie that should be a delight for both old and new fans.

A cult classic

The original "Tremors" movie, which was released in 1990, was initially a commercial flop at the box office after having only made $16.6 million domestically. However, the move eventually became a cult hit in the following years, which even led to the creation of numerous sequels.

The movie was followed up by four direct-to-video sequels that included "Tremors 2: Aftershocks" in 1996, "Tremors 3: Back to Perfection" in 2001, "Tremors 4: The Legend Begins" in 2004, " and "Tremor 5: Bloodlines" in 2015.

Syfy had previously released a "Tremors" television series back in 2003, but it, unfortunately, ran for only one season.

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