During Tori Roloff's pregnancy, they had no idea if their son would be a little person or not. Zach made it clear that he was fine with it either way because if his son was little, he wasn't different, but instead just like him. Now, People got the chance to talk to Zach Roloff about how he feels about his son being a dwarf like him. Now that they finally know it has to make things a little easier since they aren't just wondering.

Zach reveals he is prepared

Zach Roloff admits that he was bullied as a child, but he also feels like this has prepared him to be the father of someone with dwarfism.

It will make things a bit easier on him. Zach went on to explain saying, "I look at my childhood and being a boy on the farm, it was a little tough because boys are very alpha-doggy and follow the pack. I was always chasing the back and way behind the pack. It was tough." This is going to make being a father to a child like him a lot easier, though.

Zach has a few of the ways that he wants to parent already figured out, though. He wants his kid to understand that you have to work hard and that not everyone gets a trophy. He knows that his son will deal with the fact that everything takes him a bit longer and that is okay. He knows how this all works and it will make things easier on everyone.

Zach Roloff hopes his child has things a bit easier

Things have changed a lot since Zach Roloff was a child and he explained that the world seems to under diversity a bit more than they used to. Hopefully, this will make things a bit easier on his child, but you never know. Zach says that whatever his son Jackson wants to do they are going to help him do it.

Zach feels like the fact that his son is happy and healthy is really all that matters to him. They have a great little boy, and Zach and Tori are ready for the adventure of being his parents.

Zach doesn't seem afraid of the idea of being a father to a child with dwarfism at all. He loves his son, and they will make it through everything.

The fans are going to get to see it all play out on "Little People, Big World" as well. Right now, Tori is still pregnant on the current season, but they already had their little boy and hopefully, that will all air on the show really soon. The fans are going to love getting to know Jackson.

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