Donald Trump is furious, and rightfully so after Barron Trump is experiencing a "hard time" with an image online of Kathy Griffin holding a mock severed and bloody head of his father, the president. Trump tweeted the day after the photo was published, calling this image "sick." He also conveyed that his children, especially his "11-year-old son, Barron," was "having a hard time" with this.

Barron can't unsee this

Barron Trump is at the age where kids spend a lot of time searching on the computer. Whether it be for fun, or for schoolwork, kids who are Barron's age are will versed in the workings of the online world.

If Barron was on the computer within the last few days he couldn't miss this image of Griffin holding a mock severed head of his father. Trump's tweet came out today, the day after Griffin's image went viral. His tweet is seen below.

Trump was irate father in tweet

Trump wasn't tweeting as the president, he was tweeting as Barron's father. He didn't mention himself, it was his children who he was concerned about in this tweet. No child should ever have to see something like this, like what Barron saw in a photo mocking his father.

Apparently, Kathy Griffin didn't think this through before posting the disturbing picture, or at least this is what she'd like you to think.

Claims she didn't know...

Griffin didn't care about who she would hurt with this photo and she knew the outrage she was going to get over this even before the picture was released. In a video from her photo shoot, you can hear Griffin telling the photographer that the two of them may have to move to Mexico once folks get a gander at this image.

This picture wasn't out very long before the outrage came from every sector within the nation, including some of Trump's most adamant critics.

Anderson Cooper quick to distance himself

Even Kathy Griffin's friends denounced what she had done. According to USA Today, there was major outrage over this severed head ploy.

Griffin got "disavowals from her New Year's Eve co-host Anderson Cooper and CNN." Cooper tweets:

Apology not to Trump

Griffin did post a Facebook video apologizing and it was pretty elaborate, but the apology wasn't directed at Donald Trump. This apology was directed at the public, suggests the cast of Fox & Friends live on Wednesday morning. Donald Trump Jr. didn't see Griffin's apology as sincere and he was not the only one. Fox & Friends interviewed several people on their show this morning who reminded the audience that this was premeditated.

This wasn't just an unfiltered blurb flying out of her mouth.

Say it isn't so!

This photo shoot took some time to plan and it had to take some trouble getting a mock fake head ready to do this shot. Griffin had plenty of time to think about what she was doing. In her apology video, she says she didn't realize how wrong this was until she saw the backlash over this.