Things are heating up in Yowamushi Pedal New Generation as the old rivalry between Hakogaku and Sohoku Team rekindled in the 42nd Inter High. This time around, Hakogaku beat the reigning champion for the first sprint checkpoint, and by tradition, the control of the pack or the majority of the cyclist will fall into Hakogaku. After the absurdities of Aoyagi’s sprinting techniques, the battle has now toned down with a more realistic race decided by grueling grinds and smart strategy.

Now that Hakogaku has control on the overall pace of the pack, the dethroned champions will try to eliminate Onoda from the game.

Can Onoda overcome Hakogaku’s move?

Duel between captains

Teshima and Izumida are the new captains of the rival schools competing in the Inter-High and with them are their squads to help them take the goal. By raw talent and potential, Teshima pales in comparison to Izumida who is already a skilled sprinter before having the captainship. Teshima already understands their skill gap, and he is making up the difference with his creative strategies. However, Izumida is also using his brains aside from his beautiful muscles that served as his primary weapons.

Upon gaining control of the pack’s pace, Hakogaku deliberately increased the tempo to thin out the herd. Truth be told, it is a common practice in road races to drop most of the competition early and make a huge lead to eliminate potential threats.

Sohoku has no choice but to keep with Hakogaku and jumped ahead of the pack. As expected, Teshima couldn’t keep up with Izumida’s crazy pulling, and Naruko switches with their ‘ordinary’ captain.

Hakogaku makes their move!

As the two teams jumped ahead of the pack, neither of them is giving an inch to each other. When the one accelerates further, the other team is fast to react and keep up with the other.

Kuroda was amazed how Sohoku is keeping up with them even though the champions are at a number disadvantage. Unlike the previous Inter High, Hakogaku knows the unpredictable brilliance of Onoda was the core of Sohoku, and they prepared a plan to eliminate him early on the race.

Teshima realized that Hakogaku is gradually decreasing their pace and letting the pack catch up.

It turned out that Izumida’s previous actions were all part of a big plan to infuriate the pack and let the majority of the cyclists swallow Sohoku who is caught off guard. Amidst the chaos, Onoda got separated once again from his team. This time Onoda will experience the burden of carrying the number 1 tag on his back.

Apparently, Izumida outsmarted Teshima this time. What will Teshima do to counter Izumida’s move? Will Teshima split the team to help Onoda or will he believe in the spectacled cyclist to catch up on his own singing “Hime Hime” along the way? Catch "Yowamushi Pedal New Generation" Simulcast every Tuesdays 2:05 am +08.

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