Everyone knows that Christy McGinty has wanted her husband Todd Gibel to Lose Weight. The star of "Little Women: LA" even threatened to leave him if he didn't get his act together and get healthy. Christy just wanted him to do what was best for himself and for their daughter. Todd ended up listening to her and getting Weight Loss Surgery done. Now he is sharing his success story.

How is Todd Gibel doing now?

It was almost three months ago that Todd had his weight loss surgery. He has been sharing some small updates with fans since then, but he just went on vacation and came back excited about how he is doing.

Todd revealed that he actually lost weight while on his trip, which is what most people can't do. He is actually very grateful that this is what happened to him.

Todd Gibel shared an update and said, "Two and a half months since surgery and I’m down almost 70lbs! Plus I’ve added muscle, and most importantly I’m doing things I would have only watched on TV before my surgery." Todd went on to thank everyone who has been helping him. He also said that he can't always respond to the fans, but he always reads their comments and loves the inspirational stories that people share with him. Todd doesn't want the fans to stop messaging him if he doesn't answer them since he is enjoying reading them all.

Todd promises to keep sharing

Todd went on and explained that he will keep sharing his experience with the fans about how he is doing.

Everyone wants updates on him. He is also trying hard to reach out to people and give them advice if he can. Todd Gibel feels like doing the surgery was the best thing for him and he is very happy with his decision to go for it. This wasn't an easy choice, but it worked out for Todd in the end.

Another thing that Todd revealed is that "Little Women: LA" has been moved to Wednesday nights.

They keep moving the show around, and so hopefully everyone's DVR will catch it at the new time. If you are someone who watches live, make sure you don't forget about the move.

Are you surprised to hear that Todd Gibel ended up losing so much weight? Do you feel like having weight loss surgery was the best thing for him to do? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little Women: LA" on Lifetime.

Soon, the fans will get the chance to see Todd after his weight loss surgery and get a glimpse at the new him. His marriage with Christy does seem to be doing better now as well.

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