There are no words to describe how “Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation” is maintaining very entertaining episodes in their current week-to-week pace. The challenge is on and the race for the green number tags are heating up as Aoyagi and Kaburagi reached the front lines of the pack. With only four kilometers remaining till the checkpoint, Doubashi started to make his move and jumped ahead of the pack. Episode 19 is titled “Road Monster Doubashi,” and obviously Doubashi is the primary focus of the episode, also Doubashi’s recent quarrel with Kaburagi Issa.

The Road Monster

Basing on Doubashi’s look and a body build alone, anyone would surely flinch if they saw the massive cyclist.

Aside from his monstrous size, Doubashi’s rough personality and overflowing confidence add more intimidation factor to any weak-willed rider. His aura and fearsome pressure are enough to make someone’s leg cramp up, not to mention his unparalleled cycling skills. Aoyagi even compared his presence to a giant wild beast. Aoyagi didn’t even have the time to react when the Hakogaku rider set off ahead of them.

It turns out that Doubashi has gotten in a lot of trouble because of his unrefined personality. His flashback showed that his seniors forced him to quit the Hakogaku cycling team multiple times because of hitting other members. However, his violence is not aimed at hurting his comrades because he just wants to but because he believes that it is right to do so.

In one instance, he hit his senpais because they sabotaged his tires and he didn’t regret his actions because he believes he is right.

God of Orange Beena

In the latest episode, Kaburagi served as the main protagonist while Aoyagi took the role of the third wheel. There are several air head characters in “Yowamushi Pedal, ” but Kaburagi stands out among all the others.

This is the part where Wataru Watanabe’s insane sense of humor really shine as he managed to portray different kinds of idiots in an amazing way. It is funny to see that Kaburagi still insists of being an all-rounder even by having characteristics of a natural-born sprinter. However, the one that hit the spot was his delusions of the god of Orange Beena which is his favorite soda.

During his secret practice session, Kaburagi would find Orange Beena soda with notes on how to improve his cycling. He would follow obediently the pieces of advice on the note because he strongly believes that the god of Orange Beena is the one helping him. The funny thing is instead of suspecting Aoyagi of providing the notes, Kaburagi forbids his senior from buying Orange Beena from the vending machine.

Episode 20 spoilers

The race for the sprinter’s checkpoint will continue and because of Kaburagi’s insane pulling, Aoyagi is now leading the pack. However, Hakogaku’s Doubashi will not easily to let go of the green number tags. Doubashi will show how he got his Monster of the Road title and unleash the monster inside him. Aoyagi will struggle to get ahead and Doubashi will force him to use his secret technique that he is saving for later.

Aoyagi will use his riding technique called Bambi-Style that is probably based on Felix Salten’s character which was later adapted into a Disney movie. Based on the name, the technique will probably focus on the explosive power of the legs to accelerate like a deer’s leg when chased by a predator.

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