Alright, so yep it's definitely true. We've recently gotten word from that the "Young And The Restless" Kevin Fisher star, Greg Rikaart, is getting cut from the show after a super-long 14 year run! What's particularly interesting is that it's reportedly not his choice. The show is just, apparently, getting rid of him by not renewing his contract! Say what? Yep, they tell us that TV Line has a couple of "young and the restless" executives on their source list that told them they decided to just not renew his contract. Other than that, no other details were given.

Letter to his fans

As mentioned earlier, Greg did take to his official Instagram account to write his loving fans a letter, which revealed that his original spot on the show, was just supposed to be a two-week gig, and actually turned into a 14 year career! So, he's obviously elated with the experience that he had, saying it brought him much happiness and fulfillment. He revealed that his own real life has, in fact, mirrored his onscreen character's life in a lot of ways, referring to the fact that he's found love, became a dad, and they both have more grey hair ,now, than they did when his journey all started way back in 2003.

It's unclear

At one point, during his statement, he mentioned that he's saying goodbye to his character for a while, implying that we could possibly see him back in the future at some point.

He also said that it's unclear what lies ahead for his Kevin character. The character debuted way back in 2003, originally as an Internet predator. However, the writers decided to eventually turn him into an understanding IT analyst for the Genoa City Police Department after receiving such good feedback from the fans. As mentioned earlier, his original storyline arc was supposed to only last for a short two weeks, so he got way more than he bargained for.

In his current storyline, Kevin recently found out that he's the father of Chloe's baby. However, Chloe's portrayer, Elizabeth Hendrickson, is MIA. In light of this, the fans were hoping that Kevin would stick around to be a single dad, but unfortunately, that's not what "Young And The Restless" had in mind.

The door is open

Apparently, all that talk about not knowing what Kevin's future is, is due to the fact that the Y&R executive producer ,Mal Young, and head writer ,Sally Sussman, have reportedly chosen not to kill Kevin off the show, which of course, does leave the door open for a possible return in the future. In related news, the show, recently avoided a major writer's strike from the "Writers Guild Of America" folks when a deal was finally struck to pay these people what they want, so that's a relief. Stay tuned.