According to a new report from the folks over at, there's some new details out, regarding the return of very popular ABC's "General Hospital" character, Maxine Jones. Apparently, her portrayer, Kirsten Storms (left), recently hopped on her official Twitter account to answer a question from one of her fans that asked her, point blank, if she would be coming back to the show. And she replied with: "Soon-ish." Obviously, this doesn't give us any specific dates or anything, but it does give us hope that she'll be seen back in action, sooner rather than much later.

Rumors floating around

As previously reported, this latest departure of hers, took place back in March 2017, and there was no particular reason given. The soapcentral folks said that there were rumors, floating around that claimed it might have been due to some sort of personal reasons, but there hasn't been any official confirmation of that to date. The last time we saw Kirsten take a break from the show, was way back in the Summer of 2016 when she had, unfortunately, encountered some skin issues that needed to be cleared up, immediately. At that point, we saw actress, Molly Burnett, step into to sub for her role.

Her current storyline

This last time, we haven't seen a sub for Maxie. We just haven't seen Maxie at all, so fans will definitely be rejoicing when she finally shows back up.

The current storyline has Maxie away over in Portland. In the meantime, her husband, Nathan, has been seen getting pretty close to nurse, Amy ( played by actress Risa Dorken). Amy has also been making Maxie seem like she was quite the awful person way back when they were in high school by telling him stories that describe her as being a mean bully of some sort, so it's going to be interesting to see how this storyline continues to develop.

Will her negative stories of Maxie, help her to get even closer to Nathan to the point that we could see some heavy break-up drama go down when Maxie finally returns? Unfortunately, we don't have the answer to that question at the moment. But hopefully, we'll see some more intel on this storyline, appear in the not-too-distant future.

Franco might be leaving

In related news, we're also hearing from that Franco portrayer, Roger Howarth, could possibly be leaving the show if they don't come up with a satisfying contract for him! They say that Daytime Confidential is reporting from one of their sources that he's definitely not happy with his current contract situation.

Their source told them that they haven't even offered him a deal yet, and that they're not going to be able to keep him around until they do. So, that's pretty straightforward as it gets. They're currently still waiting to hear some official confirmation about this from a "General Hospital" representative, which I probably wouldn't hold my breath for. Very rarely, if at all, do they talk about contract negotiations with the press. Anyways, stay tuned.