"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice and her teenage daughter Gia are suffering some major backlash over the 16-year-old teen's weight-loss shake promotion on her Instagram account.

Is Gia Giudice running over mother Teresa?

Teresa Giudice is dealing with a lot of flack from other parents who believe that is is just wrong for such a young girl to be promoting the weight loss product and has even been accused of exploiting the teen for her own financial gain.

A lot of people also feel that Gia is way too young to be concerned with weight loss issues, and is sending the wrong idea out to her followers.

This has sparked some major controversy for Teresa once again on her parenting choices. Many Giudice news followers are concerned that Gia could be heading down a dangerous path at a young age.

Is Teresa Giudice profiting off of her daughters?

In October, Gia revealed that she was dating a boy that was two-years-older than herself and shared the news on her Instagram account. Many expressed their concern that at such a young age a two-year- age difference is a lot and that they felt it was inappropriate at this time in her young life.It is understandable that Teresa has her hands quite full raising four daughters alone while her husband Joe Giudice is serving out his prison sentence.

Joe had even previously stated that he wanted Gia to refrain from dating while he was incarcerated, but, as you may well imagine that did not go over too well with the teen.It appears that it did not take much convincing on Gia's part to get mom Teresa on board with her dating.

She even convinced her Uncle Joe Gorga that she was old enough to date.

"[Gia] likes to keep her private life private, but they go to school together. He’s a senior, and he’s a great kid. He’s amazing," Teresa previously told The Daily Dish.

However, after this new weight loss shake promotion gig, some parents are feeling that Teresa is not doing a great job as a parent and that she is too concerned with money and being Gia's friend more than being her parent and are growing very concerned as to what she will allow her young daughter to do next.

Fans also feel that Gia is pushing, as most young teenage girls her age to grow up and be treated as a grown up at an accelerated speed. The concern for Gia began really mounting in January after photo's of the young teen wearing a short cutout dress at her 16th birthday party were posted online.

What are your thoughts, is allowing Gia Giudice to promote a weight loss product a huge mistake, and do you believe Teresa Giudice is slacking off as a parent where her teenage daughter is concerned?