'young and restless" spoilers tease tense moments are coming during the week of April 3. Apparently, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will get Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) drunk with the plan to grill her about Adam's (Justin Hartley) death. He is hoping that the liquor will allow her to speak freely so he can get to the bottom of how Adam died.

Chelsea wants to believe Chloe is innocent

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) has lost so much this year. when Adam died, it devastated her. She believed that they would spend their lives together after he returned to her in 2015.

In many ways, she cannot fathom losing Chloe so it is easier for her to pretend that she couldn't have murdered Adam. Deep down, she knows that Nick is on to something and could be right. TV Guide reported that Nick refuses to give up until he figures out who killed his brother.

Will Chelsea tell Nick the truth about Christian?

"Young and Restless" fans hope that Chelsea will tell Nick the truth about Christian's paternity. She feels guilty about keeping the scoop from Nick, but Adam wanted her to stay quiet about it. Chelsea knows that Sage and Adam wanted her to stay quiet about Christian's real paternity and she sees no reason to devastate Nick with the tidbit now.

It's not likely that Christian's paternity will come out during May sweeps. In fact, Joshua Morrow doesn't think it will ever come out.

The truth will come out the week of April 3

Nick will get Chloe drunk on April 4, which could lead to Chloe spilling her part in Adam's death. If Chloe reveals the truth to Nick, will she implicate Victor (Eric Braeden)?

As "Young and Restless" fans recall, after the cabin explosion, Victor accused Chloe of murdering his son. Chloe could spin the truth to imply that Victor was the one who killed, or encouraged her to kill, Adam.

The truth will devastate Chelsea. She will learn that Chloe plotted with Victor to keep Adam in jail then murdered him when it looked like he was going to get out of jail.

It's not going to be pretty and Nick may be sorry he opened this can of worms.

"Young and Restless" airs weekdays on CBS daytime.