Following his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump appears as if he's willing to continue on with the same behavior that resulted in heavy backlash during the early part of his presidency. After making controversial comments about the Civil War and former President Andrew Jackson, Trump was quickly mocked over his remarks by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Trump trolled

It's no secret that Donald Trump has made mistakes since announcing his candidacy for president nearly two years ago. Whether it was in regards to actual policy, current issues, or history, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been called out over his blunders, while getting hit with facts and satire in the process.

Trump's questionable actions since the start of the 2016 presidential election have resulted in massive backlash, including from celebrities, while also being red meat for comedians. Whether it's an episode of "Saturday Night Live," a monologue from Bill Maher, or others who use social media to rip into the president, Trump has become the butt of a joke on a routine basis. On Monday morning, Trump spoke to the Washington Examiner during an interview on Sirius XM radio, and brought up the Civil War. The president claimed that former President Andrew Jackson was not happy with what was going on, despite having died 16 years before the war even begun. In response, Hollywood stars trolled Trump with a series of brutal tweets on May 1.

Taking to Twitter on Monday night were a wide range of Hollywood celebrities who didn't hold back their thoughts about Donald Trump and his Civil War comments.

"Kids would be better off watching Drunk History than listening to Donald," actor George Takei wrote on Twitter, before adding, "This is the guy who just found out Lincoln was a Republican."

"Donald Trump not knowing Andrew Jackson died before Civil War is not surprising.

He is a complete and utter moron," Rob Reiner tweeted out, before adding "Impeach. Treason." "Hearing Donald Trump talk about the civil war, & Andrew Jackson having a 'big heart,' is like hearing honey boo boo talk about the Big Bang," comedian Chelsea Handler added. "Andrew Jackson was mad about Civil War". He died 16 years prior. If he was mad at all, it was probably at being dead," actress Bette Midler noted.

Trump "quotes"

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt then decided to mock the president in his own way by tweeting fake quotes attributed to the president about various events in history.

"I mean, the whole Civil Rights thing. The marches. Ugh, right? MLK could've been all, like, isn't there an easier way? Or something?" Oswalt tweeted.

"Jesus was probably up on that cross all like, 'I shoulda worked out a deal with Pilate.

Or Herod or someone. Ouch these nails,'" he wrote on Twitter. "'We have nothing to fear but fear itself.' -- FDR'Nobody's safe. I mean, who's safe?' -- DJT," Oswalt added. The hits kept coming as celebrities and other social media users fired back at the bizarre comments made by the commander in chief.