This past Wednesday, Fox Television wrapped up season three of its hit series "Empire." As usual, the season finale had a surprise and suspenseful ending. At the conclusion of the season finale, Fox announced that fans and viewers will be able to enjoy watching not only "Empire" at an earlier slot of 8 p.m., but "star" right after at 9 p.m. eastern time. The only disappointment would be "Star" having a six-month absence until September, but with the success of season one, fans should still be interested when it returns this fall.

'Empire' season 3 finale recap

In the season three finale of Empire, Lucious Lyon was in Las Vegas along with his former fling Giuliana, played by actress Nia Long.

Lucious appeared to have everything in place on the contract side and his show "Inferno" was also set to be the hottest show now that he was able to get Jamal to join the set.

Hakeem finds out his daughter is being hidden in the home of the Dubois family, and Anika was in on the plan as well. They offer Hakeem a way to maintain a relationship with his daughter if he keeps quiet. However, Lucious' mother Leah -- who has always been sketchy of Anika -- makes her pay for her evil ways by framing her for the death of the half-brother of Lucious, Tariq. Anika is then met by federal agents while lounging in a luxurious penthouse and arrested for murder.

The conclusion

When the launching of Empire Las Vegas begins, Lucious makes a swift move and dismisses Giuliana for the mother of his children, Cookie Lyon.

Also, he surprisingly joins Jamal and dedicates the show to "When Cookie Met Lucious," instead of "Inferno." Meanwhile, Andre and Shine continue their plot to kill Lucious by setting up a phone app to blow up his vehicle at the conclusion of the show.

However, Lucious continues the night of surprises by handing the keys of Empire to Andre and vowing to step back and enjoy life more with Cookie.

This persuaded Andre to try and call off the hit. Shine wasn't buying it and decided to go ahead and push the button. Lucious was injured and the show ended with him lying in a hospital bed struggling to remember any of his family members.

'Empire' returns this fall with 'Star'

During the mid-season break for "Empire," Fox launched a spin-off series about three young female singers trying to make it to the big stage.

The show stars Queen Latifah and was a success this past December. The only setback is that the wait for the second season will be six months, as it's scheduled to return this September.

Fox announced that this fall, both shows will air on the same night, with "Empire" moving to the 8 p.m. time slot instead. With both shows returning on the same night, Fox is sure to double their viewers on Wednesday nights.

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