Fans of "This Is Us" agree that actress chrissy metz is doing a great job in her portrayal as Kate, a plus size woman who has to deal with weight-loss issues. Season 1 showed her struggle so much, thinking that if only she will shed off some weight, all her problems will go away. Kate's weight issue is portrayed realistically, that many viewers of the show love Metz even more for it.

However, some people agree that more of Kate's life should be shown, and not just her weight-loss problems. True, she is happily in love with boyfriend, Toby, and fans see that other side of her, but many think that there is more to Kate than meets the eye, so to speak.

"This Is Us" season 2 will answer this plea by showing Kate's hidden talent.

'She has a beautiful voice'

Unknown to some, Metz actually was in a band in the past. Fans of the series would know that she has a singing talent because she did some singing stint in season 1. But the upcoming season is going to show more of that, that's for sure. Writer and co–showrunner Elizabeth Berger confirmed this by saying that Kate is going to do a lot of singing in season 2, adding that Metz has a beautiful voice.

Many fans agree that this is going to be a great outlet for Kate. Singing should be able to take her mind off her weight issues. Berger said that they are excited to explore this part of Kate. She has clearly taken on from her mom, Rebecca.

Season 2 will lean more into comedy

Another exciting thing that fans should watch out for is the possibility Kate and Toby finally tying the knot. Metz has teased that there might be wedding bells next season. All of these teasers just confirm that next season will show a lot of good and fun scenes. Co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker said that the show is going to lean into comedy a little more.

But then again, "This Is Us" is known to be a real tear-jerker, and expect season 2 to be no different. The upcoming season will show how Jack dies. This has been the biggest mystery of the show. Fans already know that Jack is going to die in the series, and many even expected that Season 1 finale will show that.

Cast member Sterling K.

Brown said during an interview with E! News said that this mystery will be answered this season. So how exactly does Jack die? Actor Milo Ventimiglia said that it blows him away that everyone is dying to know, however, he said that fans should focus on Jack's life rather than his death. "This Is Us" season 2 production will kick off in July.