Several years have already passed ever since Eminem released a music album. Now, fans are reportedly thirsty for a new album from the legendary rapper. Could it be true that the copyright infringement case he filed caused the release date delay of his new album?

It has been recently reported that Eminem will be releasing a new album anytime soon and he even confirmed the news in social media. The "Cleaning Out My Closet" rapper seems to know that his music followers are waiting for him to make new songs. However, the hitmaker seems to be busy with other matters at the moment including the copyright infringement he filed against the New Zealand politicians.

Delay in new album's release date caused by infringement case?

In the meantime, new reports are now making rounds on the internet that the delay in release might be caused by the case that Em filed against the New Zealand politicians. The said politicians used Em’s song without his permission. The National Party are facing copyright complaint from the "Stan" rapper. Apparently, they used the "Lose Yourself" beat for their election advertisement back in 2014.

Despite the delay in release, fans of the legendary rapper from Detroit have still not given up and they are hoping that Eminem will release the new album soon. Fans are also wondering if the release date has been affected by his case against the politicians.

When will Eminem release his new album

Several reports are making rounds in regards to the release date of Eminem's new album. Speculations even made rounds that he was about to release his new album last April 9, yet, it still did not happen. The news started when Paul Rosenberg, Em's manager posted a photo with the "Real Slim Shady" hitmaker as they stopped by a popular convenience store.

Fans believed there was a small note on Em's hand in the picture. Some of his Twitter followers immediately thought the note states "April 9," which reportedly signified the release date of Eminem's new album. However, the date has passed and the "Lose Yourself" rapper still did not release his new album.

Today, new reports are making rounds that he is targeting an August 2017 release date.

The release date comes after the news broke out that Em will be touring in numerous music festivals in the United Kingdom. The rapper from Detroit is expected to perform his songs at the Reading and Leeds Festival at Glasgow Summer Sessions on August 24.

Speculations are making rounds that he might finally sing new songs from his upcoming album during his live performance in the United Kingdom. However, the "Love The Way You Lie" rapper has refused to respond to the reports.

As of this date, Eminem is yet to reveal the release date of his new album. Yet, fans are hoping he will release his new album in August.