Alright, "This Is Us" fans. This is definitely the big one that we've all been waiting for. The finale episode 18 of the current season 1, and we've got a few official spoiler scoops for it, directly from NBC. They gave us approximately two storylines to work with, so there's not going to be a whole lot that we can tell you about it at the moment. However, what we do have, sounds very interesting as we're going to see Jack take a road trip to Cleveland in an effort to mend things with Rebecca. Some major decisions that could effect their futures, get made by Kevin, Kate and Randall.

It's "Moonshadow"

Their press release also revealed the title for this last installment of the season. Drums please. It is called: "Moonshadow." Ooh, it sounds mystical or something. Anyways, in their official description, they tell us that we're going to see Rebecca about to hit up the stage for her very first, huge gig with her band in Cleveland, Ohio after having a fall-out with her lover , Jack.

Will Rebecca be able to put that out of her mind and deliver a very stellar performance? Or will the stress just eat away at her to the point where she can't belt out a note? Well, it sounds like she might not have to deal with the stress aspect of this big fall-out if Jack shows up on time. You see, this next teaser, reveals that Jack is going to be on the road, headed straight for Cleveland, so he can give his best effort to make up with Rebecca.

If he can pull this off before Rebecca hits the stage, she'll be able to perform in a very good mood.

The major decision

To cap off this big finale episode spoiler session, we're also going to see Kevin, Kate and Randal get, at least, one scene out of this, maybe more. Who knows? We were previously told, this episode would just be all about Jack and Rebecca, so this is a new twist here.

Anyways, it turns out that these three folks are going to get put into a position where they have to make an extreme choice as they tell us that it could really effect their futures!

The big questions here, is what will this freaking decision be? And how will this effect their futures? Hopefully, they'll show that in this episode.

If not, we'll have to wait until the Fall 2017 to find out, and that's a long, got damn time. We can also confirm that this thing is definitely set to hit the airwaves next Tuesday night, March 14th, 2017 at 8pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.