If there were ever two soap characters created to implode, it's Billy Abbot and his former sister-in-law, Phyllis. The two had an affair when Phyllis was still married to Billy's brother Jack. Their families were torn apart and its taken time for the healing process to begin. Billy and his ex Victoria had come to a good place, they were co-parenting their children, working well together in the office, and shared a kiss. Both believed they were headed toward a reconciliation. Unfortunately, because of a misunderstanding, Billy became frustrated with her, and ran straight into the arms of his former lover.

Lusting lovers make mistakes

On Monday, Cain Ashby overheard the lovers in the cloakroom of a restaurant. He was shocked, but pleased to have this leverage. He shared the news with his wife, Lilly, who asked him to stay out of it, and not to tell Victoria. On Tuesday, Billy left his phone on the desk at work, and Cain sees a text from Phyllis. She wants to meet her lover in the elevator.

Cain, Billy, and Victoria work at Brash and Sassy. Phyllis and Jack are one floor up at Jabot Cosmetics in the same building. Using a company elevator for a tryst is pretty risky, and also not a smart move. Especially when both of your exes are in the building. Billy and Phyllis have not been able to bring themselves to tell Jack and Victoria the truth, and this is why they sneak around.

They have no idea that Cain is about to exact his revenge by revealing all without opening his mouth.

Cain gets even without saying a word

On "The Young and the Restless," Cain has been frustrated working with Billy, because he feels that Victoria's ex often acts like a spoiled brat. Mr. Ashby also believes Vicky needs to know that the man she was hoping to reunite with is hitting the sheets with his former lover.

When Victoria mentions that she needs to leave the office in a little while, Cain realizes the timing is perfect. He encourages her to go right away by telling her a lie. He says there is a traffic backup due to an accident.

Victoria goes to the elevator and finds that it will not open. She calls maintenance, only to be informed that it is not broken, someone has purposely stopped it.

Cain walks up and Vicky tells him what she just found out. She adds that maintenance is going to reopen the elevator immediately, and says she has no idea why anyone would stop it. She immediately gets an answer when the doors open, and she sees her ex-husband in the arms of his brother's ex-wife.

Cain is standing just behind her, with a smirk on his face. He found a way to inform Vicky, humiliate Billy, and keep his promise to Lilly to not say anything. Cain's smile may soon turn to a frown, because there are people trying to find out about a secret he is hiding, and he may end up in the hot seat, just like Billy.