Abby Lee Miller’s sentence reading will be held on May 8, but an online publication already revealed that she might be serving up to 30 months imprisonment. The 50-year-old choreographer is said to be begging a Pennsylvania judge not to be too harsh on her, but the latter wants her to take the consequences of her wrongdoings.

In an exclusive report by Radar Online, the State wants the dance instructress to pay for her crimes. In fact, in the legal documents obtained from the United States District Court of Pennsylvania, the United States Attorney is comparing her case to Michael J. Free’s bankruptcy fraudster.

The filing of Miller’s case

According to the publication, the May 4 filing of Miller’s case read Free, and the former host of “Dance Moms” have both hidden “massive and valuable assets” that belonged to creditors. The initial has maintained a collection of World War 2 guns that valued for over $1,000,000. Likely, the latter has kept more than $775,000 income from her television shows, merchandise, and another dance show “Masterclass.”

The Attorney also asserted that both of them took a great effort to hide their sky-high assets. As Free tried to hide his gun collection in another room inside his house, Miller made multiple undeclared bank accounts at Wells Fargo where she deposits and conceals her other incomes.

They, too, both claimed that debtors paid no attention to orders and commands from the Trustee to reveal all of their assets.

The filing also read that the likeness of Free and the television personality’s bankruptcy is disturbingly very comparable. Hence, it became difficult to disregard the formula in calculating “calculating the USSG range of 24-30 months incarceration,” which was also found out in the Miller PSR.

It also revealed that the owner of Reign Dance Productions intentionally caused damage to the creditors with at least $356,466.52 debt. She is also the one responsible for the entire economic harm seen in her charged counts. The filing also insisted that her financial gain is actually the cause of an intended loss.

Miller’s counter affidavit

Miller’s legal team, on the other hand, claimed that the Government itself has to verify if she really intended to cause loss to her creditors. This is regarding the alleged $28,837.06 she hid from her “Masterclass” dance session ticket and merchandise sales.

“The court should find that Ms. Miller’s intended loss is zero,” the court papers read. They also asserted that the District Court should never try to castigate the defendant with a “more severe loss calculation” without the “pecuniary harm” to the victim.