While Paris Hilton was making her tour and creating a name for herself, her younger brother Conrad shared his spot in the headlines in an unfortunate event. The Hilton heir was arrested by policemen in Los Angeles for stealing a car and violating court restriction.

Arrest details

Before 5 AM on May 6, 2017, the 23-year-old Conrad Hilton was detained by policemen in actress E.G. Daily's house in Los Angeles. Allegedly, the young heir and Paris Hilton's younger brother was in a Bently owned by the father of his ex-girlfriend. The younger Hilton was charged with grand theft auto and violation of a restraining order E.G's daughter has against him when they split in May 2015, with a bail of $60,000.

Currently, it was not clear whether he was able to obtain a lawyer.


According to several reports, Conrad Hilton was trying to make contact with Hunter Daily Salomon, daughter of the actress E.G. Daily. Hunter and the younger Hilton used to be together but soon broke up. Hunter got a restraining order; however, he broke into her home after a month in June 2015. He tried doing the act again in the early morning of May 6 and got himself arrested.

Allegedly, Hilton went first to the of E.G. Daily's ex-husband, the Poker player Rick Salomon and stole his Bentley. It can be recalled that his older sister and actress, Paris was Rick Salomon's partner in the infamous sex tape in 2003. Conrad dated his daughter soon after.

Several run-ins with the law

The young Hilton heir has been into multiple incidents which ended up in court. He was arrested a couple of years ago inside his girlfriend's home. Apart from this, it can be recalled that in August 2016, he crashed his father's Range Rover into another woman. The incident happened just several hours after he was able to dodge jail time for a previous car wreck case.

He was also on probation with a case for threatening flight attendants of British Airways. In 2016, the young Hilton spent two months in jail in violation of his probation by using cocaine and other drugs.

Meanwhile, in an interview with E.G. Daily, she was quoted saying that she felt terrible about what happened. However, she noted that the younger Hilton's behavior has been erratic for the longest time already.

She also said that Conrad is going through a rough time that sometimes she did not bother calling the police. The actress believes that sending people to jail with something on their head will not help them at all. Moreover, she said that she has been communicating with Conrad's parents.