"Supernatural" stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles invaded "Kings of Con" yesterday for the web series finale. The fictional world of "Kings of Con" revolves around the show, but it's the first time that the "Supernatural" stars have actually appeared in the series.

'Kings of Con'

"Kings of Con" is a series on Comic-Con HQ, the ultimate nerd's view on-demand streaming service that comes courtesy of Lionsgate and Comic-Con International. The series takes a satirical view of life on the Comic-Con convention circuit, and was created by "Supernatural" alumni Richard Speight, Jr.

who played Gabriel, the trickster angel, and Rob Benedict, who took a memorable turn in the role of God.

A lot of weird things can happen in those airport hotels in towns and cities across America, as the series shows. In the "Kings of Con" finale, Jared and Jensen finally visit the convention circuit in person and bump into Richard and Rob. In keeping with the series clever humor, (which also comes from writers Speight and Benedict,) the encounter isn't exactly flattering to the "Kings of Con" stars.

'Supernatural' fandom

Other "Supernatural" fan faves have appeared on the show before, including Osric Chao (Kevin Tran) and Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills) and even Michael Cudlitz of "The Walking Dead" has shown up.

Last night's season finale pulled out all the stops, and in addition featuring an appearance by stars Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki, there was a bit with Mischa Collins (Castiel) too.

While the humor can be pointed, "Kings of Con" takes aim at the phony side of TV and life on the convention circuit -- not the true fans. Stars Benedict and Speight play fictionalized versions of their own lives, as actors on a popular TV Show who fill up their downtime with appearances at conventions, and most of the humor comes from those backstage encounters with other actors.

"Kings of Con" is available at Comic-Con HQ and Amazon Instant Video. "Supernatural" Season 13 was recently given a greenlight by The CW, so we can expect more of Jenson Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and the Winchester brothers' adventures likely by next fall.