When it comes to one of the most popular TV shows “The Originals“ there are not many things that can actually surprise us. Yes, we are used to everything from hearts being taken out on a daily basis, the blood of course and all sorts of monsters and mystical creatures.However, season 4 has something we are still trying to get used to and that is a young and powerful witch named Hope who seems too smart for a seven-year-old girl. And we are loving it!

Hope and Marcel have a special bond

In the last episode of “The Originals“ we could see Hope and Marcel bonding.

That was not a typical bonding situation because they were in a dark tunnel while Marcel was imprisoned by a spell, but it was still cute. The relationship started with Marcel trying to convince this smart seven-year-old to bring him a bag of blood. Again, this was not weird at all! Hope was smart and refused, which made Marcel realize just how special this little girl is.

The two spent the entire day talking about stuff. It was kind of weird that her parents didn’t bother to look for her but as Hope says, her mother trusts her and they did think that the house was protected by a location spell. However, the day didn’t end the way Mikalesons planned. The evil priest killed Freya (briefly) and after her heart stopped the spell was broken so he entered the house.

Klaus eventually killed him but Hope seemed to be missing. Klaus found her bracelet which prevented her from using magic in blood and he was terrified. Soon he found Hope sitting on a bench with her new friend Marcel and he felt relief even though he and Marcel are having some issues. After the incident, Klaus and Marcel agreed to work together in order to defeat the Hollow, which makes us think there is still chance for this tortured family.

One step closer to discovering Hollow’s true identity

Even though we knew it was coming, the kiss between Freya and Keelin was something special. Freya hassome real feelings for her and it would be tragic if she continued being stubborn and chased her away. However, this means that Freya has another weakness but we are sure she will deal with it.

After all, Keelin has some special powers of her own as well.

As for Hollow, Vincent and Elijah are one step closer to defeating it. They managed to make a connection to the ancestors again and Davina helped them accomplish the mission. Now, we will see just how powerful Hollow actually is. After it lost itspriest Hollow found a new servant, Sofya. It took out the blade from her just so it could possess Sofya and make her do horrible things for it. In fact, we no longer have to refer to Hollow as “it” since the last scene revealed that the ghost is a female with the same mark on the shoulder Haley and Hope have. This left us with a thousand questions and we cannot wait for the next episode to get our answers.