In addition to the ominous evil ghost that we got to see for the first time, there is something new and exciting going on with Freya in "The Originals." It looks like she might actually get a social life of her own. However, things are quite different than even Freya herself or we expected them to be.

Freya is finally showing feelings

Freya Mikaelson’s icy exterior is finally melting because there seems to be something going on between Freya and Keelin. It is evident that the two are growing closer, but there was no official confirmation of the relationship.

All we know is that Keelin used to be Freya’s prisoner and that Freya showed no mercy for her even when her family members did. Later on, Freya went soft on Keelin and stopped torturing her in return for her medical knowledge. All of a sudden, we see her setting Keelin free.

The first moment that made us think there is something more between them is when Keelin came back to help her oppressor. She gave support to Freya even though she wasn’t obliged nor forced to. Later on, they started drinking tequila which was huge for Freya because she never gets to go out and have fun. Riley Voelkel said that she is also happy about Freya because we finally get to see her having a relationship with someone outside her family which made her show that she has intimate feelings and desires as well.

Though Voelkel couldn’t provide specific details on the future of their relationship she just said that this episode was a turning point for the two.

Lives of other characters are getting complicated as well

It is very interesting and surprising to see Freya in a potential lesbian relationship. We know that she had relationships before and they were all with men.

Freya was even pregnant when she lived with her aunt thousands of years ago. What made her change the team or is she even aware of the fact that she is growing romantic feelings for Keelin? We are still not sure, but these questions definitely make the show even more interesting.

When it comes to other characters, things are getting pretty messy.

Haley and Elijah are forced to put their romance on hold because of the evil ghost that threatens their family and Hope. The Hollow is torturing and driving Klaus crazy, while Marcel is locked in a dungeon he held Klaus in. In the final scene, we got to see the Hollow for the first time, and it wasn’t quite what we expected it to be. The black mist with blue eyes looked like a ghost from the first edition of “Ghost Busters” rather than a mystical creature from the 21st century TV show. It was a bit disappointing, but we are sure producers of “The Originals” will not let us down.