After a week that the creators were given the task of bringing the return of Emperor Freezer, in an unusual way, many of you have been accustomed to seeing a Villain without changing the role to be a creature of good, is something that has Happened before in the predecessor series Dragon Ball Z.

For many Villains do not deserve a second chance to do good and it is something that the Tournament of Power, organized by the Zenos-Samas Gods, have made it clear that there is no rule to find the 10 Warriors who will make their first appearance , In which only one winner will exist and the Universe 7th is in danger of being erased.

Freezer will leave his throne in hell?

According to the magazine V-Jump in the country of Japan makes very clear the event that would change the opinion of the emperor Frezer, because the Saiyajin Goku to see that his friend majin boo fails to wake up, this one goes in search of a new Warrior but knows That there is not much time, since the Tournament of Power is about to begin in three hours.

Will a witch help Goku find Frieza?

The reality of this event was revealed in the ending of Anime the previous week and was released the chapter number 90. Here it was made clear that the Witch helps for 1000 Zenis and thus she can buy food, besides living in the forest animals They want to eat their body.

Goku arrives to hell by means of the Witch's spell, but something unexpected happens for the Saiyajins, because Freezer will not accept to participate in said Tournament, since it seeks the infinite life in exchange for being in the Tournament of the Power.

Goku knows that he can not accept something like this, so he would return to Universe 7th, to tell the God of Destruction Beerus, to awaken Majin Boo with his overwhelming power, which awakens any evil creature.

Additional information

In other Toyotaro revelations, it says the following: In fact Black Goku was at first yellow and not the one that could be seen that it was the stage "Pink God". According to these words, in the country of Italy would give a radical change and nothing is written for the end of the series of "Dragon Ball Super", so still Goku and Vegeta can fulfill their promise to train Ubb and Kyabe, warriors who could Help save the planet Earth.

With a possibility that Black Goku and Zamasu are still alive in an alternate timeline, because Trunks and Mai, continue to live in a paradigm without death having happened, which could be seen in the saga of Zamasu.

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