"The Last Kingdom" fans who believed the Saxon series was over will be excited with the latest news. Bernard Cornwall, who also wrote the "Sharpe" series, says that he has two more novels in the works. The series currently has ten novels in the series, with the TV show writers currently up to the fourth by the end of the season. There is also more exciting news, as it looks like BBC is up for creating another season to the Saxon-period show.

Season 3 still to be confirmed

Right now, there is no confirmation on the third season of the show, but things are looking good. Cornwall says that the BBC is looking into green-lighting the next season due to the popularity of the series.

It is one of the most highly anticipated shows on the British network and is extremely popular on Netflix where in some countries it is streamed the day after release in the UK.

Season 2 has only just concluded on the network. It took a few months for BBC to confirm that second season and even longer for the release date. Fans will have to wait a few months longer to get a confirmation of the new season.

Nothing like 'Game of Thrones'

For those who believe "The Last Kingdom" is too much like "Game of Thrones," they will be sadly mistaken. The two novel series-turned-to-TV adaptations are entirely different. Cornwall shared that while "A Song of Ice and Fire" is beautifully written, it's not real history. While "The Last Kingdom" has some fictional elements, everything that does happen in the series could have happened in real life.

Cornwall admits that he has stripped out the magical elements. Even in "The Last Kingdom" season 1 magic and witchcraft were mentioned but never actually shown. It's worth remembering that history was superstitious and people did believe that there were seers and witches in the world--some were burned at stake but, others were useful in society.

Read the books first

Fans of the TV show are urged to read the books. Those who haven't actually watched an episode yet (where have you been) are encouraged to read the books before they start watching. The seasons cover a lot of plot lines within the book series, meaning a lot of detail is missed out. While Alexander Dreymon portrays Uhtred perfectly, some thoughts and beliefs are avoided in the TV series.

Cornwall has no part in the creation of the TV show. He has stepped back, giving full creative control to Carnival Films. He certainly doesn't regret that and is happy for the production company to tackle "The Last Kingdom" season 3.

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