The episode 23 of "The Flash" season 3, named “Finish Line,” is set to show Barry Allen as he leads on Savitar in the final confrontation following Iris’ untimely death in “Infantino Street.” It was hypothesized that the character Savitar really murdered was H.R. and not Iris West herself.

The short synopsis for this new episode published online by TV Guide states: “With nothing left to drop, Barry (G. Gustin) gets on Savitar as season 3 conclusions.” The next chapter is set to follow an epic crisis between Savitar and Barry. It appears that Barry will no longer care about the results of his efforts now that he has nothing to lose coming to the early death of his lady love, Iris (C.


Plot and highlights last episode

The last chapter saw Savitar murder Iris despite Barry and the team's tries to prevent her loss. Barry had to relive her demise over again while the plot for Season 4 suggested that she is still alive when the finale starts. In this new episode titled "Finish Line," the trailer shows the red speedster in a tough battle with the antagonist. Barry is also in shocking pain, as he comprises Iris' inanimate body. Fans of "The flash" will definitely see if she is living or not. Joe (J. L. Martin) is displayed in tears as he decides to accept the evidence that his daughter may then be dead. Barry's face in the last moments of the trailer signs that he has missed someone he believes dear.

Spoilers and preview episode 23

CB News published the synopsis for the next season of 'The Flash', which teased that Iris is alive in the closing episode of season 3. The plot recounts how Barry got his powers and how he conceived Flashpoint, which produced the villain Savitar who transformed the lives of Wally and Caitlin forever.

However, with the aid of his adoptive dad, Joe, his best friend Iris, and his friends H.R. and Julian, Barry proceeds to defend the people of the city from the meta-humans that imperil it. All that goes down in the season finale named "Finish Line" where most are awaiting an epic fight. Would it be an intelligent decision for him to take out his rage on his future self?

With Iris' demise, vengeance is the only imminent plan for Barry.

If one follows the storylines, they would ask, is this not what Savitar wanted to happen? In a conversation with TV Line, Panabaker spoke about the development of her character. She admitted Killer Frost's extreme desire to be a member of the dark side but stated that there might still be optimism for her. The star also announced that the change was a challenge. Episode 23 of "The Flash" season 3 will air on Tuesday, May 23 at 8:00 pm EST on The CW.