"Gotham" season 3, episode 19, named “Heroes Rise: All will be judged,” will show Edward as he is forced to form an agreement with his opponent, Penguin, The agreement is made to get him out of a bad situation. In the meantime, Bruce Wayne is set to go on to his next point of training with Temple Shaman.

A synopsis of this new episode of "Gotham" published by Cartermatt states, “Temple Shaman exposes his hand to Bruce and sets up the following phase of practice. Bullock and Gordon are put into peril as they come over a crystal owl that shows the most coveted mysteries of Gotham’s underworld.

In the meantime, Penguin and Nygma are forced to work unitedly to get out of a difficult situation.”

Highlights and plot last episode

In the last chapter, the two discovered themselves face to face after Kathryn (L. Hendrix) and the Court of Owls established their abduction. Nygma had difficulty processing the fact that Penguin was alive after he observed the man sink in the cold water of the sea after being killed.

Meanwhile, Penguin managed to keep his anger in check and arrested himself from shooting Nygma. Since they both want to leave the Court of Owls, the two kingpins will have no option but to collaborate.

They have to place aside their diversity if they both desire to live. The Court of Owls isn't an obvious antagonist. The organization has shown how powerful it could be just by capturing Penguin and Nygma, both important people from the Gotham hell.

Episode 19 preview and spoilers

It will be exciting to see how Penguin would end up acting together with Nygma, particularly since he nearly murdered the latter in the last chapters. It appears that the two rascals will have to put their disagreements aside for the advantage of working towards a common purpose.

In the meantime, Temple Shaman is set to proceed training Bruce as the latter changes from a terrified adolescent into a skillful fighter worthy of defending Gotham City.

According to Moviepilot, Bruce was captured by the Court of Owls and carried to their boss, the Shaman, who planned to destroy the city entirely to reshape it into their organization’s liking.

David Mazouz, who performs the enigmatic and important Shaman, announced during a conversation with CB that when the criminal Ra's al Ghul ultimately makes an appearance on the series, spectators will instantly recognize him.

Episode 19 of "Gotham’ Season 3’ will air on Monday, May 22 at 8.00 pm EST on FOX.

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