The episode 20 of "Jane the Virgin" season 3, named “Chapter Sixty-Four,” is set to follow Xo and Rogelio as they plan for their big day. However, he will get unexpected news that could throw off his marriage with Xo. In the meantime, Jane is set to obtain a letter Michael wrote before their important day. The synopsis for this new episode of "Jane the Virgin" published by Cartermatt states: “Jane (G. Rodriguez) tries to find the correct words for Xo (A. Navedo) and Rogelio's (J. Camil) wedding when she hears about Michael's secret letter. Xo and Rogelio are excited about their wedding, but Rogelio receives some frightful news that could set things on hold.

Once again Rafael (J. Baldoni) is confused with Luisa (Y. Martinez) and invites her to leave, but Luisa has a project of her own. In the meantime, Petra (Y. Grobglas) is doubtful about Jane’s feelings for Rafael which drives her to get a rash choice.”

Highlights and plot episode 19

The last chapter saw Jane hard at work on planning for her parents' imminent marriage, taking great caution to fulfill every particular item on Xo's giant purple notebook. She also led to break up with current fling Fabian (F. San Martin), take a second to gather her thoughts and get back to the task at hand, working to be certain despite the point that she has just lost a good reference for white horses in the process.

Furthermore, it turned out that famous Latin recording artist Ricky Martin would not be ready to officiate the ceremony, after all. And while this difficulty was instantly solved by asking Jane to officiate alternatively, the episode plot for the imminent season finale unveils more pressing problems that are about to arise much closer to Rogelio and Xo's union day.

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Episode 20 spoilers and trailer

The trailer shows the Villanuevas arguing about the ceremony. Xo and Rogelio seem happy. Jane is managing her fingers crossed that all will turn out okay with the plans. Her doubts are cleared. In one scene, her parents are shown watching at the celebration room when a noisy sound is heard. It seems like a bolt strike.

Both Xo and Rogelio seem to like it as a bad sign. Following, Jane picks up Darci (J. Machado) from someplace. She cannot accept when she understands the matchmaker's large stomach. Darci is very hopeful and she has no reservations in telling the younger woman that the child is her father's. “Jane the Virgin” season 3 finale will air on Monday, May 22 at 9.00 pm EST on The CW.