While Season 1 was all about introducing viewers to the characters in the “Netflix” original series “Sense8,” Season 2 – now streaming on the online platform – has already left fans with a longing for a continuation of the story in a future season 3. The following gives some detail as to what might happen, along with the odd spoiler for Season 2.

Character development in Season 2 of ‘Sense8’

Season 2 was dedicated to developing the characters in our brave cluster of eight sensates. Most particularly, the recently out-of-the-closet Lito (played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre) has managed to overcome the controversy caused by that very public coming out.

He’s managed to land the perfect role in a new film. Doona Bae’s Sun has managed to fight the bitterness she felt against her brother, while Nomi (Jamie Clayton) has reunited with her family, despite the fact her mother continues to call her Michael.

As noted by the Christian Post, Kala (played by Tina Desai) has come to realize her marriage isn’t the perfect union that she thought it was, all the while getting closer to fellow sensate Wolfgang.

In the meantime, Tuppence Middleton’s character Riley is managing to let go of past bitterness. Cepheus (now played by Toby Onwumere) is now standing up for everything he believes in and Will (played by Brian J.

Smith) manages to survive a potentially devastating incident.

What about Wolfgang?

However, fans were left in the air, wondering what will happen to Wolfgang (Max Riemelt). From episode 10, it appears the cluster is concentrating more on getting the dreaded Whispers (played by Terrance Mann), than rescuing the handsome German safe-cracker.

Fans of ‘Sense8’ can expect a lot in the future

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Grant Hill, executive producer of “Sense8,” in an attempt to get some answers about the future of the Netflix series.

Hill did say that production staff ran into problems in scheduling which may have led to that slightly rushed feeling of the season finale of Season 2. However, what he told them did suggest that a future storyline for Season 3 has been fleshed out and fans can expect a lot from future seasons.

Hill went on to say production was a rush from the beginning to the end of Season 2 – which pretty much circumnavigates the world, ending with the whole sensate cluster getting together physically for the very first time in "Sense8."

He didn’t say anything much about the future storyline, but it certainly sounds hopeful. According to Hill, it was the only quiet weekend he’d had in quite a while, but that they will no doubt start talking among themselves to see where Season 3 will go.

In the meantime, fans can binge both Season 1 and Season 2 on Netflix and long for a release date for “Sense8Season 3.

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